Hey there! I'm Sam, currently I'm a freshman majoring in Animation at the
University of Southern California (USC). I'm based in Los Angeles but originally from
Texas, and I'm interested in design and backgrounds for animation. Right now I'm a
freelance background painter and I have experience in design and color working on
animated thesis projects for USC seniors.

            My drawings and paintings are inspired by the nature in my home state,
love, and animated films! Some of my favorites are the Secret of NIMH, Princess
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Fern Gully the Last Rainforest, Unico in the
Island of Magic, and any of the traditional colored pencil and pastel animations
by Frederic Back.


email - sakipper@usc.edu
phone - (512) 508-6128
twitter - @mechsamart
instagram - @mechsamart